Does Covid Vaccine Really Causes Female Infertility?

Rumors are spreading in our surroundings regarding the Covid-19 vaccine endangerment and ineffectiveness. It is making a lot of people anxious about getting vaccination shots or not. People are saying that covid vaccines can cause permanent female sterilization. Hundreds and thousands of women are questioning doctors and fertility specialists regarding their concerns.

But don’t worry the straightforward answer to this misleading question is “NO“.

Research about the Effects of Covid Vaccine on Fertility

To address the fallacious and ambiguous belief, Naperville Fertility Center in the U.S. conducted 2 months of research on the effects and dangers of covid vaccination on female fertility. During the 2 months timeframe, two covid vaccines were available.

  • Bioentech Pfizer
  • Moderna Vaccine

Spike Protein and Neutralizing Antibodies

The Pfizer and Moderna covid-19 vaccines are RNA in nature. It means that instead of injecting directly the virus or its parts, we are entering the encapsulated RNA molecules which trigger our body cells to make Spike Protein. This protein enables the covid virus to enter your cells. And then our immune system detects these viral cells and starts to make antibodies against them which are called neutralizing antibodies. These antibodies block the virus to enter our system, thus making us immune.

The procedure of Antibody Formation is a source of Sterilization?

If we directly say No, you might get confused that Why Not? For this, we need to understand the little background of the gestation process. After the female ovum fertilizes, the division of the embryo takes place. In almost 5 to 6 days, the embryo is divided into hundreds of cells. These are called blastocysts. The blastocyst has two main parts.

  1. Inner cell mass
  2. the outer group of cells

The inner cell mass forms the fetus and the outer larger group of cells forms the placenta. When the blastocyst implants in the uterus, the trophoblast gets on its way to form the uterine lining. Then the division of the trophoblast takes place. But again, it’s a 2-way process. On one side, the trophoblast keeps on dividing and forms cytotrophoblast and on the other side, some of the trophoblasts fuse together to make syncytiotrophoblast. Keep in mind that both of these, cytotrophoblast and syncytiotrophoblast is important for normal placental functioning.

Syncytin-1 and its importance

Placental cells make a protein named syncytin-1. Firstly, this protein forms syncitia trophoblast. Secondly, it is essential for making the blood circulation connection between the mother and the fetus, which is ultimately indispensable for oxygen and nutrients transfer.

Biggest Consternation about Syncitin attack by vaccine

Now the deception about the covid-19 vaccine is grave that it could mistakenly attack syncytin-1. And if the syncytin-1 gets pounded by antibodies, the embryo couldn’t implant properly in the uterus. Moreover, every time the female ovum fertilizes, getting through all the previously explained process. Then trying to implant in the uterus with the help of syncytin, the bombardment of antibodies begins. Because the immune system is directed to recognize and attack the protein due to the vaccine. Thus, the embryo will be destroyed. But is this really the case?

Evidence of similarity of syncytin and spike protein

With the help of 3 findings, you would be able to know that there is zero possibility of a connection between syncytin and spike protein.

First, there is a fear of syncytin and spike protein structural similarity as they both are proteins. But syncytin is 538 amino acids long. On the other hand, the spike is 9860 amino acids long. It means spike is 18 times bigger than syncytin. Moreover, the longest similar sequence between the two of them is 4 amino acids long. Thus, it is almost impossible to confuse our immune system with syncytin or spike protein.

Laboratory Study

Secondly, an immunologist AKIKO IWASAKI from the Yale University School of Medicine studied the reactivity of 3000 different proteins in our body. The reactivity in response to antibodies formed as a result of the covid vaccine is zero on syncytin protein.

Animal Study

Thirdly, companies making covid vaccines also performed animal safety experiments receiving such vaccination shots. Data from the U.S. Drug and Food Administration shows that the vaccine given to rats prior to mating or during the gestational period has no adverse effects on the female reproductive system or embryo development at all.

Clinical Human Study

The above two studies show zero impact of vaccines on female fertility in any way. Furthermore, fertility specialists also did clinical investigations in these two months of research on females getting pregnant with FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer). Because of this procedure, they had many variables which could be neglected in normal pregnancy procedure, to study the effects of the vaccine in pregnant ladies in every course of action.

They performed experiments on women who received the covid vaccine and those who had not, plus those who previously had a covid infection and had naturally developed antibodies. For this experiment, they considered two factors

  • Baseline Blood Test (HCG TEST)
  • Ultrasounds

Bear in mind that when embryo trophoblasts start to divide, they also produce HCG hormone. Thus, when the embryo implants, the connection between mother and baby develops, HCG can be detected due to its raised level in the mother’s body.

+ve and -ve Blood Test Study Results

A positive blood test means the embryo is producing HCG, it is being implanted, it is developing normally. And negative test means nothing is happening as syncytin-1 got attacked by the mother’s immune system and the placenta is destroyed.

So, the study results showed that women who received vaccination and who didn’t have the same rate of getting pregnant. Also, women with previously developed antibodies from covid-19 infection also had the same range of getting pregnant.

Can Vaccinated Pregnant Women Have Chances of Miscarriage?

This study reveals the effect of the immune system damaging the placenta after embryo implantation. Women receiving FET always have chances of miscarriage due to the impossibility of implantation. But women receiving a vaccination or not also had the same possibility of miscarriage. So, there is no difference in any of them


All types of studies being laboratory, animal and human study reveal that vaccine has no impact on female fertility in any way. Moreover, the vaccine doesn’t affect your pregnancy or lead you to miscarriage. So women, get yourself vaccinated as soon as possible.

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