10 Best Artificial Intelligence Companies To Look For in 2021

Today, almost all tech companies are directing towards artificial intelligence. It is because the COVID pandemic has caused many devastating companies to suffused their products to their customers through AI alongside the big industries like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, etc. Thus, the demand for artificial intelligence companies is increasing tenfolds day by day. Moreover, due to the presence of tons of AI services provided by many tech industries nowadays, many people around the globe are confused about which one they can trust or not. For this, today we have compiled a list of the top 12 best artificial intelligence companies that can best suit your requirements.

List of Best Artificial Intelligence Companies

  1. DataRobot
  2. Open AI
  3. SoundHound
  4. 10 Pearls
  5. Algorepublic
  6. Defined Crowd
  7. Saykara
  8. cyberinfrastructure.Inc
  9. Decius
  10. IBM
  11. Alphabet
  12. ArstudioZ

Data Robot

DataRobot is best for such scientists and investigators who basically have zero knowledge of advanced computer learnings like finding analytical models. It best works for analysts who want to develop a certain predictive model according to their analytical data.  Nowadays, it is useful in different healthcare services, even used by many insurance companies, and sports analytics details. Its usefulness is topnotch as it provides precise prophetic models in a short span of time to business analysts.

Open AI

Open AI is a research laboratory located in California U.S. One of its founders includes the tech industry’s biggest name is Elon Musk. Its main aim is to build such AI-based devices which pose no threat to human life as a whole. As a result, we can say it is working as a safe artificial general intelligence company that is completely free of cost. Furthermore, as we are entering more and more into the era of artificial intelligence companies, we are putting our lives to the greatest of dangers according to the renowned scientist Stephen Hawking. For this thing to be kept in mind, this non-profit organization had built by these tech professionalists.


As the name is indicating, this is about sound/audio. This company is a private AI firm, built about 16 years ago and working essentially for sound and speech recognition. For example., if you are in a car, or at home, and you came across a song or music playing around you but you don’t know the name or couldn’t understand the lyrics of the song. This is where the soundhound devices will help you out.


This is one of the high trust companies in artificial intelligence. The company is proficient in product development, can build or design mobile apps, create websites and digital portfolios for any company. Moreover, it also provides cybersecurity protection to its clients. Also, it is acclaimed to transform manual business processes into intelligent ones.


AlgoRepublic is a well-known company for software development and other tech services like web development, app development, data science, product design, development team, DevOps, mobile apps development, and social media marketing.


This is the type of artificial intelligence platform which is intended to develop a crowd to increase the speed of data training and modeling of a particular enterprise. This is helpful for many companies which require constant data collection around the globe and data management. Because it in turn helps an enterprise to grow sufficiently in the market and to improve the quality of its products.


Saykara is a new audio AI technology that is providing ease to doctors and physicians who need to be on screen for data collecting and record keeping. Due to this service, it is also called a conversational “AI technology”. It works by listening to the conversation between a doctor and a patient. Thus, making notes for clinically important data and put the collected information in its recorded system. Saykara has also launched its mobile application.


This is again one of the software development artificial intelligence companies. They develop mobile apps and games, UI/UX/CAD designs, VR/AR-based apps, IoT & wearables, SEO and digital marketing, WEB BI/AI, Crypto, AWS, and many more. It’s also the fastest-growing blockchain company.  You can read more about their services here:


It provides services in custom software architecture, web app and mobile app development, manual testing, automated testing, system integration services, and many more. These were just the basics about them, you can read more about their services and their details on their original website by clicking the link:

Moreover, they have an RD department and a specified customer portal for your easiness. They have more than 300 specialists to help you out in flexible hours slots.


Probably this list would be incomplete without mentioning IBM. In fact, IBM is chief of all tech markets in making artificial intelligence products and machine learning. Furthermore, IBM is providing its supercomputer named WATSON, which is a questioning / answering machine. This supercomputer is capable of performing complex analytical solutions in a matter of seconds.


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