Gigi Hadid Stand For Palestinians Attacked By Israel

Gigi Hadid who is an American Supermodel took a stand for Palestinians by her recent posts on social media. Hadid has a Palestinian father named Muhammad Hadid and a Dutch mother Yolanda Hadid. She keeps on supporting her Palestinian heritage and Arab roots.

This time she speaks out for the Palestine Muslims who were attacked by Israel’s forces last Monday Evening (05-03-2021). For continuous two days, she is posting in favor of worshippers of Al-Aqsa’s Mosque on Instagram.

Palestine Can’t be Erased

On Monday 10th May 2021, she shared a post that says You Will Not Erase Palestine. This post is clearly indicating her deep grieve and thoughts about those Muslims being killed and arrested by Israel. And that Israel can’t demolish Palestine Muslims at all.

Gigi Hadid: Palestine Struggle Shouldn’t be an Awkward Conversation

In the next post, she is hinting at the problems celebs and general people have to face when they post something about such events. Social media sites either remove their message or ban their account. That’s why people generally afraid of talking about the oppression Muslims have to face on and on.

She calls this act of Israelites being criminal and inhumane. People are petrified to stand against these wild acts. Though they still believe that being kicking out of your family home and the homes you have built-in is unlawful.

Furthermore, she states that we have learned things about war crimes in our schools that shouldn’t happen. As they brought a lot of disturbance and destruction.

“We should all unequivocally agree that ethnic cleansing (removal of religious groups) and apartheid states (discrimination on basis of color race) are war crimes.”

People Fear For Their Livelihood

The next post was the continued one and it indicates that discussing such topics in the industry is considered illicit. Some people make fun of the fact that others are not discussing it as they are worried about their sustenance. Those who speak out would have vanished. And there are some who do not even believe such things are happening in our world.

This is not a religious thing as Palestinians are the most peaceful community in the world. They do not even talk about the maltreatment their ancestors had to face in their times. They want tranquility and law and order. Also, they do not bring inconvenience by talking about the tyrant behavior of Israel’s people.

Gigi Hadid mentioned that billions of American Tax Payer Money fund the Israeli Government. And maybe those dollars are to kill Palestinian People. It’s truly infuriated to believe that they bombed so many Muslim homes, killed children, and they leave people to starve to death. Moreover, they leave people sick even during this pandemic. People are homeless just because of their despotism. All this impishness actually causes intergenerational trauma for such people.

Gigi further says that she saw an IG live video where a bomb was dropping on Gaza. That’s too terrific to see and to believe that this is happening in the real world.

This can’t be a religious act at all. If we call it political, it would be great then. It’s a political intention for both Palestinians and Israelis.

God has written Rizq for you

In Gigi Hadid’s 3rd post, she is stating that the political problem is always there. Despite the terror the Israeli forces are creating, many of the Israeli people and Jewish strongly condemn this activity. She says.,

“Many Israeli people and Jewish people strongly oppose what has been going on for years. Of course, they want peace too. Who wouldn’t?”

However, she further dictates that she doesn’t have an answer to be given to this political problem. As it is going on for decades and it is suppurating in corruption and timidity. Gigi said that I can’t do anything about these things. But what can I really do is to request all of us. Including herself.

Please people ask yourself why you do not talk about these oppressant acts. Why do you not come in front to speak on these matters? As Palestinians are Muslims and they are humans too, so they need to be treated in the same way, you want for yourself.

Why are you not just as outraged when you see people are screaming and begging for their lives. Moreover, why your soul doesn’t tremble to see a Palestinian teenage boy screaming under the knee of a soldier for his life saying “I can’t breathe”. Then why do you play tap dance and tiptoe around?

She mentioned one biggest thing in the last line about the Muslim concept of every being. According to Islam, every human has his/her Rizq or wealth already written for him/her. No other human has a right to kill the latter one. That’s why even abortion is Haram in Islam as it is the killing of a young one (human).

This way, she questions all of the community that Does God not have your Rizq already written for you? It means who gave the right to these Israeli people to kill those innocent lives. They are humans too and they do have a right to live a life. They have their part of food, shelter, living been written for them. And, they are not troubling the Jewish people. Then why this massacre?

Save Sheikh Jarrah

In her 4th post, she shared a screenshot of Arabic McLovin using the hashtag savesheikhjarrah. It’s a place close to Jerusalem where these incidents of people killing by Israeli armed forces are common. Recently, Al Jazeera correspondent reported an attack of Israeli police on protestors of that place on Al-Aqsa Mosque incident.

Finally, after so many years the residents of Sheikh Jarrah came in front to speak out against the absolutism of Israeli forces. But the police are arresting Muslims there, no matter a person is old aged 70 man or woman or a few months old baby. They are showing their terror in that place too. Simultaneously, Gigi’s sister Bella Hadid also shared her notion about these proceedings.

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