Business Is Important- Your Degree Is No Longer Needed

If you’re planning to do a job after taking your degree, then stop right there. Because surely your certification will prove to be least important than any business. Most probably you have heard a lot about Harvard University and the significance of its degree holders. But do you really know that Harvard claims itself that its academic degrees are worthless in the next 5 years for a specified graduate?

Bear in mind that Harvard University is one of the world’s 5 best universities. It has 16000 teachers of which 2500 are full professors. It has 36000 students currently enrolled. Moreover, 160 of its professors got Nobel Prize in their fields.

There is no doubt that the well-known scientists or mentors have once gone to Harvard in their lives. But last year, Harvard University Business Review’s Magazine declared that the service life of its degrees is only 5 years. It means you’re not going to get a job after 5 years based on their degree.

Do not run after Degrees- Plan to do Business

Now I do not encourage you to not study or take a degree or you will not find jobs based on your degrees. But the point here is are you going to limit yourself only to one job based on just a degree. Do study, gain knowledge, not limit your boundaries to that 5 or 10 years gained comprehension. Study and eke out a job to acquire experience only. In the end, you must start your business for long-term success and achievements.

Because the education you gain in universities has a shelf life of 2.5 years only. It means that your knowledge will no longer be needed or it would be worthless in the next 2.5 years if you do not upgrade it on time. If you do not modernize yourself and insight into your respective field, you will be stuck in the same niche in the coming years. That’s why it’s always recommended to study to obtain knowledge and experience. But to acquire livelihood, business is the top-notch alternative.

5 Helpful Hints to Start Business Now

First, let’s talk about business startups and then how we will describe how can you proceed in a distinctive business line.

1: Be in a field; You’re an expert of

If you belong to the tech discipline then you should do business in the technology industry. Because if you are an IELTS specialist and you start a restaurant, 99.9% chances are there for your failure.

Business experts profess that it takes 15 to 20 years for a person to completely become the pilot of his business flight. The First 5 years are required for mastering a task or technique. The next 5 years belong to your credibility. The market will start knowing you here. Then in the next 5 years, you really start to earn a good living or handsome amount. And at last, you will be able to build assets.

2: Don’t stress out by starting from the blind end

Now if you really have some money to allocate to start a business, go for it. Don’t anticipate the right time to come. On the other hand, the case is, you are a good student and a company offers you a placement at that point, then surely choose a job. Provide your services in that task for some time, save money and slowly shift yourself to business.

This process takes time to run a successful business. Do not stress out by leaving everything behind and just thinking about a business opportunity to come your way. Next, the question should be: When should I leave my job completely to focus on my business only. The answer is simple when your business profit becomes the same as your income salary, leave that job.

3:Treat your work like an Internship

You should not consider yourself a professional in your field by just starting out. It’s your origination, so treat your work like you are gaining proficiency from it. Work like you are doing an Internship program at a certain institute or hospital. Remember doctors do house jobs once they complete their MBBS degrees.

It is for the purpose that what they’ve studied at the medical college is just to practice it. And once they have gained experience from their practice, they start their clinics.

In the same way, you should start by doing a house job or an internship at your work office. Practice slowly, notice the market trends, and take action. Do learn and repeat the process, till you consider yourself a true master.

4: Finding Ideas of Business

You might be stuck at this thought: where to find the idea of a business? Well, we have already explained this prong above. Even so what if you don’t want to remain in your bailiwick and start something else. Then you should focus on your surrounding or the job place at which you are currently working.

Experts say that offices from all over the world daily produce 400 new ideas for a business. Bank of ideas is your office/ surroundings. You just need to open your eyes and ears. Furthermore, you will be even surprised to know that the world’s successful businessmen found their ideas from their offices, radios, and shops.

5: Where to find the Mentor / Guru

Now you have a business idea and you want to start it by now. But where to find a perfect guru/mentor/master for mastering the working tacts. Jote it down that your best guide is your current boss. Did you ever think why is he your boss? Because he has that special quality or approach to be at that successful place.

He is superior to you because he knows the rules of triumph and defeat, he knows how to hire people, when and why to fire them. And he knows how he can make his people work diligently, he knows how to handle accounts department, when to do selling-purchasing.

You can learn everything from him. On the other hand, if you are a student and you do not have a boss. In that case, you should search for a successful business person nearby and try to find his actual strategies.

Try to discern how he achieves all those things which you are going to do now. Discover how much time he needed to be at that place. Basically, you need to keep your eyes and ears wide open to absorb the information from others.

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