Indian AP New Variant of Covid-19 in Pakistan Affected 5

A new variant of covid-19 in Pakistan

The Indian new variant of covid-19 in Pakistan has reached in many ways. 10 days ago, 12 members of the Indian High Commission reached Lahore via Wahga Border. And one of the women Manju, wife of Barpesh, was tested positive with an Indian variant of coronavirus.

Punjab Health Department took tests of all of the staff members. Thus, one of the sample results came positive. Despite all of this, the Pakistani emigration officers allowed them to go to Islamabad High Commission. When they arrived there, they were instructed by NCOC to get themselves quarantine to save others. Especially, Manju who was detected positive was put in quarantine center of the Indian High Commission Islamabad.

It was the negligence of Pakistani emigration officers to ignore the severity of the Indian variant. Although everyone is aware of the damage covid-19 is creating in India with the spike cases of black fungus and white fungus. This carelessness could cost Pakistan in many ways. Reporters and journalists are claiming that the staff members should be sent back to India as they were bringing a destructive virus- a new variant of covid-19 in  Pakistan.

They should only be allowed to enter Pakistan after thorough checking the covid-19 clearance test from their country. Due to this, the NCOC of Pakistan has also demanded a questionnaire on what basis Indian members were allowed to enter Pakistan.

Case of AP variant in an Azad Kashmir Resident

The above-mentioned case is the recent scenario. Last month, a 39 years old man who arrived at Pakistan Airport from a Gulf country was detected positive in a rapid test at the airport on May 8. NIH (National Institute of Health) gave minute details of that case. They say that the person got infected with an Indian Variant of covid-19  by developing contact with Indians while living in a Middle East country. NIH says that the person is asymptomatic / having mildest symptoms. He belongs to Azad Kashmir, Pakistan.

A new variant of covid-19 in Pakistan: Double Mutant Covid

NCOC says that the new variant of covid-19 in Pakistan has just arrived with that man. The variant is called B.1.617.2. The Indian variant is causing distress in the country with the fact that the variant has mutated into 15 times more dangerous virus. In the International Arrivals screening test the man was tested positive with this AP variant.

Experts from Indian Cellular and Molecular Biology Department are saying that the new changed form of Indian covid is AP variant and they called it DOUBLE MUTANT corona. This type of covid was more prevailing in South Africa, California, and Britain as the ratio of Indians there is pretty high.

This first man with an Indian variant of covid-19 was put in quarantine in Govt. facility according to sops. He was kept there for 14 days (alone; not with other quarantined patients) and a PCR report from an authentic laboratory further confirmed the Indian variant in him. Then he was allowed to go home.

Investigations of a new variant of covid-19 in Pakistan

Further investigations reveal that all of his family members and the people who might have come in contact with this person at the airport were tested. All of them were covid-19 negative. Now the NCOC says that the Indian new variant of covid-19 in Pakistan could further be prevented by effective screening and self-isolation of all the international travelers.

4 more Brought Indian AP variant

The 3rd case scenario of a new variant of covid-19 in Pakistan was reported on Monday 31st May. According to Sindh Health Secretary Nazim Jatoi, 4 people have tested positive with the Indian variant taking the no. of this Indian variant in Pakistan to 5. Three of them belong to Karachi and they were coming from Iraq and the other one belongs to Ghotki and he was coming from Muscat.

It is suspected that they might be caught that AP variant which is 15 times more fatal than the Indian variant. Its transmission rate is 59.9%, which means the likelihood of getting the virus has increased tenfolds.

Guidelines By NHS for airports

New guidelines provided by the Ministry of National Health Services include the strict regulations of sops and screening tests at the airport. Every International traveler is directed to take an attested lab test from his/her country of origin. Then there would be a double mandatory screening test after landing in Pakistan. And if any person is tested positive with especially the AP Indian new variant of covid-19 in Pakistan, then he/she would be kept under Govt. supervision until negative.

Indian News: Congress Toolkit Rows took Pakistani Twist

With Pakistan calling a new variant of covid as Indian Variant, India seems to be angry with the neighboring country. Furthermore, BJP has raised to say that Congress has collaborators in Pakistan. Amit Malviya of BJP tweeted a post claiming that Pakistan picked up covid from Congress Malign Toolkit just to defame India at the international level.

Sambit Patra of BJP also shared a post collaging screenshots of Pakistani ARY and DAWN news that Pakistan got an Indian variant. He says congratulations to Rahul Gadhi for creating this plot against his own country. Now our foes making fun of Indian covid.

In response to these posts, Former Madhya Pradesh CM Kamal Nath said that India is already defamed due to this covid situation. Because BJP and Modi weren’t able to cope with the Covid situation till now. BJP members seem to be more active to give responses to their opponents. MPCM Shivraj Chouhan replied that this is highly shameful for Kamal Nath to say these things. If Sonia Gandhi and Congress have enough guts remained, they should expel him from their party as he is clearly speaking against our country.

Thus, Indian parties have a stand against each other after Pakistan calling the new variant of covid-19 the Indian variant.

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