Video Games Are Cause of Massive Destruction

People of the 21st century have become extremely indulging in the technological world. With the advancements in tech fields, the craze of gaming and simulations has increased alongside. They more crave to play video games, audio games, and many others every year.

Researchers have now come to a point that children do not want to talk first, instead, they want to play on the web first.

Practical Analysis of Video Games Players

In London, recent research has been done on a 17 years teenage boy who played video games all day. His screen time was 18 hours of playing warcraft. He continued this routine for 2 years. His efforts of playing games won him name, fame, and money, but comprised with his health. He gained weight and lost connection with his family and friends. furthermore, he left the study for playing games only. In the long run, this routine had hit him hard as he ignored his real-life while living virtual life. He got lost in that world completely.

According to the research findings of the NPD group for practical analysis of video game players, every 9 out of 10 children do play games most of their time. They ignore their basic needs just to win a game. Their study also revealed that a total of the world’s 65 million children starts to play video games in their early childhood.

Reduced Grey Matter

In 2020, China has done research on different categories of college students. Some of them used to play games and some of them don’t like it all. They continued their research on them for continuous 2 weeks and found that those who used to play games more than 10 hours a day had less grey matter ij their brains and the other ones were perfectly healthy.

Dawdle Body Development

Although video game does have certain benefits for the brain, what if you are over consumed by it. Then it will impact your neurochemical, cognitive, emotional, behavioral, decision-making capability, learning skills, responding power. As online gaming only stimulates some of your functional capabilities, the rest of your body starts to deteriorate in some years. Some experts say that your visual perception increases by playing games, but if you are involving in them for so long, your eyesight will surely decrease with this much screen time. Moreover, excess game playing will lead to carpal tunnel syndrome due to the same positioning of wrists and not using them properly.

Surplus Dopamine Response

Dopamine is an internal good feeling neurotransmitter. If you are fond of gaming, when will you have good feelings? The answer would be simple, by playing games. That’s the point where the dopamine starts to release in surplus amounts, causing you to crave more for playing and leisure activity.

Say if you are a drowsy person, then you don’t like doing physical activity at all, as you are possessed by this dopamine release. The dopamine release is just like taking drugs. It brings us to the next point of addiction.

Gaming Addiction

Researchers claim that game addiction leads you to psychiatric disorders. When does this addiction begin? According to a Norwegian neuroscientist, when you do your favorite activity, this neurotransmitter starts releasing in your body in a large amount. And when the excess of dopamine releases once at a time, the human brain sending signals to stop producing it. Ultimately, there is a diminished dopamine level in the player’s bodies which causes them to covet for more. Thus, this cycle continues and the end result is you’re game addicted.

Frontal Cortex Damage due to Video Games

Sometimes, playing video games helps in the learning process of children and adults. They increase your information processing power and visual perception allowing you to do multitasking. But that is just one side of the huge picture. The age of 25 and 30 years is still the brain growth age. A human brain is still under the mature phase before 30.

Due to this reason, some people in their teenage and adolescence don’t get serious about fulfilling their basic needs. But they do like doing creative activities like gaming, even spending most of their work time on them. They do not pay much heed to their health. As a result, their abilities start to lag in the later ages when their fast pace life of gaming stops.

In 2019, another research on the human brain regarding the use of computers to play video games was done. This study revealed that the prefrontal cortex which plays an important role in impulse control has to suffer some serious effects of radiations while gaming playing mode. They took two groups, one was the control group which didn’t use any screen and focuses more on their week later physics test. And the other group was allowed to play as many video games as they can. 2 weeks later, the control group proved to be more active and energetic, than the gamer group. The brain functionality of the second group was highly reduced.

Attention Span and Video Games

Many different studies have proved that games do very little in terms of providing benefits to the human body. Although some experts believe that they have a very good effect on human attention span. Because in games you have to be focused for a longer duration of time. Thus, it can also be helpful for increased memory. But it’s just one aspect, who can ignore such a long list of adverse effects of video games.


Although we have explained shortly about the massive destruction video gaming is posing to human beings, but still you got the idea that excess is harmful. We all have heard about this phrase many times in our lives but we do excess of these dopaminergic activities somehow in our lives. We should try to come out of their possession as early as possible otherwise the results would be catastrophic. We have to sacrifice our body if not possibly come out of this addiction of video games or simulations etc.

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